ATTENTION: For Those Who Are Serious About Reaching Their City For Jesus...

When you are walking down a path and another person walks toward you, I’m likely to say hello first.

I am usually the one to start a conversation and keep it going rather than waiting on someone else to.

When in a new environment, I’m able to adapt to the people and the situation easily.

If someone says something contrary to the Bible, I am able to lovingly share truth with them.

I am able to confidently explain God’s plan for salvation to others.

I am able to share my personal testimony with others.

When someone needs prayer, I am quick to pray with them or for them at that moment.

I enjoy making guests in my home feel comfortable and at home.

When discussing a topic, I usually speak more to get my point across.

When I have the opportunity to help someone finish a task it brings me great joy.

At social gatherings I’m usually found farther away from all the action.

It would be challenging for me to spend the whole weekend by myself without feeling bored.

I am more drawn to places with a bustling atmosphere than to a more quiet and intimate one.

Discovering You
You are just beginning to share your faith in Christ but the thought terrifies you to death or you know it’s what God wants you to do but you’re not sure or not comfortable with getting started.
You have learned some basics, are somewhat or more comfortable with having conversations with others and know your spiritual gifts and want to get to the next stage of intentional Gospel conversations on a consistent basis.
You are well versed in sharing the hope of Christ, have led others to faith in Jesus but want to get truly serious about it and allow God to use you to train and equip others.